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Carclo's continued growth in diagnostics, respiratory, ostomy, ophthalmic, women's heathcare, blood management and surgical products will continue to fuel investment in equipment and facilities. Harmonization of management systems and manufacturing methods continue to advance Carclo's technical capabilities to support the industrialisation of medical markets. Carclo's technical offering and strategic footprint aligns well with increasing global demand in clinical chemistry, diagnostic disposables, and blood management with leading OEMs.


Electronics and consumer products not only have been a founding cornerstone but also remain a strong segment of our business. Decreasing size of electronic components and increasing cost pressures on consumer products has fueled growth in low cost regions and increased capabilities across a range of high precision gears, connectors, fire and safety applications, packaging, as well as dispensing equipment applications.


Carclo is a specialist in the design, development, and manufacture of bespoke injection molded optical components and assembled devices across a wide range of applications. As a leader in Optics since 1936, Carclo maintains its position as an industry leader in the dynamic and ever evolving LED lighting markets providing energy savings and performance solutions in the areas of architectural lighting, street lighting, automotive, and aerospace. Carclo carries its own proprietary line of optics for LED applications in addition to standard and custom designed electro optics such as Fresnel lenses, light guides, guidance systems, and CCTV security domes.

Luxury and Supercar market

The premium car market is a truly global market served by some of the world’s most exclusive brands. Demand for luxury cars and supercars has risen rapidly in recent years and the market is more resilient to the economic pressures that affect the wider automotive industry.

Wipac design and manufacture high technology LED exterior lighting products as a preferred partner of the luxury and supercar manufacturers. Wipac produce lighting products for the most desirable, exotic and high performance cars available today. Lighting has become a significant element in vehicle design, often seen as ‘brand-defining’.

Wipac work in close collaboration with the vehicle stylists and designers to allow the most challenging design concepts to become a reality.

Control cables for Aerospace

Serving the Aviation industry for over a century, the names of Bruntons and Jacottet has been synonymous with the highest quality in metal processing. Today, this reputation is maintained through a blend of specialised technology together with hard-won skills of dedicated craftsmen.

Success in the stringent aerospace and defence markets demands a regime where the most exacting production quality standards attainable are imposed.

Bruntons and Jacottet manufacture aircraft mechanical control cables, specialised machine components, mechanical assemblies, aerofoil sections, streamline wires and tie rods and have over a century of experience in the Aviation Industry.

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