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our strategy

Business model

Our business model is to create sustainable growth in revenues and operating profits through the development of innovative and highly efficient solutions for our customers to ensure that they see real benefits accruing from working in partnership with us.

Customer interactions

We serve customers across multiple geographies and various industries and we continually monitor both their formal and informal feedback and attempt to respond accordingly. Our customers want us to innovate but do not want us to move away from our core competences.

Customer satisfaction

In all cases our customers have selected us over our competitors and we recognise that this decision is based on their faith in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations. Each of our businesses monitor all aspects of our customer performance and this is continually fed back to all of our employees.

Global footprint

Our business operates across six different countries to support our global customers. We ensure that we operate ethically in all of our locations respecting local regulations and we develop a culture of best practice in operational management, customer responsiveness as well as ensuring that our approach to health and safety is consistent in all of our operations.

Responsive culture

We operate a decentralised management culture in order that our management teams can make Fast and responsive decisions to the benefit of our customers, employees and ultimately for the group as a whole. We expect our skilled management teams to operate in an entrepreneurial manner and reward them based on their own local business performance.

Strategic KPIs

To enable our performance to be tracked against our growth strategy, we will focus on the following key performance indicators (“KPIs”):

Revenue growth

The revenue growth seen year on year is a strong indicator of success in delivering the group’s strategy – up 10.7% on 2015.

Revenue growth: 2016 - £119.0m; 2015 - £107.5m; 2014 - £97.3m;

Underlying operating profit margin

Underlying operating profit margin measures the underlying operating profit as a percentage of revenue. This helps to monitor our success in turning sales into profits. Margin strengthened from 7.2% in 2015 to 8.4% in the current year.

Underlaying operating profit margin: 2016 - 8.4%; 2015 - 7.2%; 2014 - 6.7%;

Return on investment

Return on investment measures the underlying operating profit as a percentage of our annual investment in intangible assets and property, plant and equipment, calculated on a 5-year rolling average basis. Helps to monitor our success in generating profits from the assets we have investment in. The below table shows improving returns for Carclo plc.

Return on investement: 2016 - 169.1.0%; 2015 - 164.9%; 2014 - 140.1%

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